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The City of Washington requires professional engineering services for the review of sewer alignment alternatives, project cost estimates, environmental impacts, and accessibility issues, for a gravity sanitary sewer collection system connecting the decommissioned wastewater treatment plant 1 to wastewater treatment plant 2. View map image here.

Hamilton Consulting Engineers, Inc. (HCE) has been selected to provide these services, and this website will serve as the primary communication hub for the general public to receive the latest updates and announcements about this important project.

This project is currently in Phase 1 (Study) of 3 total phases.  Project milestones within the Study phase are outlined here.  If the City of Washington determines to move forward beyond this Study phase, future phases will include Design (Phase 2) and then Construction (Phase 3).

The survey is now closed - it was open for responses through Monday, February 28, 2022.  You can view the full report of all survey responses here.

If you have any questions or comments, please fill out our contact us form.

Thank you,

City of Washington, IL  and

Hamilton Consulting Engineers, Inc

Project Purpose

  • IEPA mandate to decommission STP No. 1

  • Age and condition of the existing sewer system

  • Excess flow conditions during wet weather (I&I)

  • Operation and maintenance issues along the creek

  • Future development exceeding current sewer capacity

  • Be accessible for maintenance

  • Limit the number, size and impact of easements required

  • Protect the new sewer from instability and erosion of Farm Creek

  • Achieve durability and reliability for trunk sewer function and operation

  • Be respectful of nature and the environment

  • Deliver cost-effective solutions for both the construction and O&M

  • Be responsive to and consistent with long-range plans, initiatives and missions:

    • City of Washington, Tazewell County, Regional

    • IDNR and IEPA

    • Illinois Forestry and Forest Action Plan

    • USACE and USEPA

Project Goals

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